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Best private rowing trip destinations

Best places to take your crew, club or family on a private rowing trip. Choices in Europe, Canada and elsewhere.
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Wine and Rowing Pairings in South Africa

We pair food with wine, so why not rows? Crisp, clean, a light finish – well that could describe the rowing just as easily as the wine. Pairing is especially appropriate for our three rowing trips in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Whether you are enjoying the Cape...
Rowing The World - Four Rivers Ireland

Boldly Row Where No Man (or Woman) Has Rowed Before

Happy Star Trek Day, a fan day celebrated April 5th because that’s when first contact between Humans and Vulcans happened in the science fiction sensation that is Star Trek. And if puppies can have a day, why not Star Trek fans? So, in honour of Star Trek Day, or First Contact...

10 Things only Possible on a Rowing Trip

Recently I read a Huffington Post article titled “Ten Adventures You Can Only Experience in South Africa”. They missed one – rowing to a private game reserve, having lunch – with Nigel the Nyala – and rowing home. So I decided to compile my own list...

Rowing Travel in Parks and Protected Areas

I was asked to be part of a panel discussion on the role of tourism in parks and protected areas.  As the only business owner on the panel, I presented broad perspectives from the adventure travel industry, which is heavily reliant on beautiful, natural areas and can play a role...

First Ever Row to Sibuya

We are certain that we are the first people to row the river.  Yes, lots have been on it in other craft, including canoes and kayaks, but not rowing shells.  This was a rare opportunity in our busy, “been there, done that” world.  So ours was a first ever, an easy exploratory...

Zwartkops Rowing Club

I had the pleasure of a row while on holiday recently in South Africa.  Here are some images from Redhouse, Eastern Cape.  A learn to row session was in progress.  Thank you Rosemary!