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How to Choose a Rowing Trip that Suits You

There are many things to consider about how to choose a rowing trip. One is the type of trip: centre-based, point-to-point or sampler

Top 10 Things to Enjoy in Montreal and the Eastern Townships when not Rowing

Top 10 things to enjoy in Montreal and the Eastern Townships whether you are rowing there or not.

Rowing The World Declares a Climate Emergency

Rowing The World is proud to be a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism. Rowing The World also declares a climate emergency. The Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism unites travel and tourism behind a common set of pathways for climate...

12 Days of Rowing Inspiration 2021

We did our first inspiration series last year, and enjoyed it a ton. So this year we are back with 12 more days of rowing inspiration. Check back every day starting December 14 for new content and feel free to share it with all the rowers in your life.

Planning 2022 Travel in a Pandemic

There is good news and bad news. The good news is that in September and October we successfully and safely ran three rowing tours in Austria, France and Turkey. All guests were fully vaccinated. Participants who had Covid tests before returning home all received negative results....

Four Fine Food Faves Updated

This is an updated article by Ruth Marr based on a post Cathy Senecal wrote back in 2018. The writing is blended, like an interesting wine, since Cathy made our mouths water and we are still hungry. But trips have changed and we have had a chance to sample yet more wonderful...

Best Rowing Dogs Part II

We love dogs! And rowing dogs in particular. Here are a few more of our team's favourites from Instagram.

Travelling in 2021

03 June 2021 – What a long haul it has been through this pandemic, and of course it is not done yet. However, there are grounds for optimism and renewed hope. We have started reviewing which trips might be able to run in 2021. As always, our top priority is the safety and...

9 Signs You Get What Rowing Travel Is

Not everyone understands rowing travel. Lots of people row, and even more people travel. But those who travel to row or row to travel are a smaller group. Dare we say a bit more exclusive group? Check which of the following rowing travel signs apply to you! You know that...

Best private rowing trip destinations

Best places to take your crew, club or family on a private rowing trip. Choices in Europe, Canada and elsewhere.