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Best private rowing trip destinations

Best places to take your crew, club or family on a private rowing trip. Choices in Europe, Canada and elsewhere.

12 Days of Rowing Inspiration

What a year it has been! We all deserve a little extra magic and inspiration this holiday season. Check back every day starting December 21 for our special selection of uplifting rowing stories, books and movies.

COVID 19 and 2021 Rowing The World Trips

What a difficult year 2020 has been. We hope that our rowing friends and their families around the world have stayed safe and healthy. So many lives have been lost and many have suffered in a multitude of ways. For many, I know that the chance to row has offered some measure of...

Update on Rowing Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the world, bringing death and economic hardship among many other disruptions. But there are encouraging signs in some locations and a return to rowing and to travel has begun. What does this mean for Rowing The World trips? This post...
COVID 19 and Rowing The World Trips

COVID 19 and Rowing The World Trips

Update 02 July 2020 – The situation remains fluid and we have cancelled or rescheduled many of our trips but some may still run. Please see our 2020 Rowing Trips summary for updates and individual tour pages. We are investigating adding some new trips for 2020 which are...
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Inside Rowing The World: How We Select Which Rowing Trips to Run

It is question that we often get asked – how do you decide which rowing tours to run? It is timely, since we are already turning our attention to planning trips in 2021, even before we have run our first trip of 2020. Our list of rowing destinations has grown steadily over our...
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What Our Customers Say – Testimonials 2019

We listen very carefully to what our customers say. Before, during and after a tour. In the planning stages of a rowing trip, we get some fabulous ideas from rowers. During a trip, we can often do some fine-tuning and make adjustments if needed. Even though we usually have a very...