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Lakeside cafe Lago Maggiore

Gelati as rowing food

Can gelati be considered an appropriate food for rowers? And what is it about Australian rowers and Italian ice cream? These are important questions. Gelati (singular is gelato, but we are not talking about just one) is that wonderful Italian ice cream, rich in flavours of...
Coffee for Rowers

How to order coffee while rowing in places around the world

We are not experts on whether coffee for rowers makes them go faster or just go. What we have learned over the years, is where to find great coffee around the world, and more importantly, how to order it. Whether you sip a latte before a row on the Thames, or rev up your morning...
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Wine and Rowing Pairings in South Africa

We pair food with wine, so why not rows? Crisp, clean, a light finish – well that could describe the rowing just as easily as the wine. Pairing is especially appropriate for our three rowing trips in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Whether you are enjoying the Cape...