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More than Poppy Love

We talk about falling in love with rowing, but it’s possible too that you may fall in love while rowing! At least, that’s what happened to Jeff Ellison and Rachel Galbraith, two rowers I inadvertently led to each other even though they lived in different countries. Besides...

Gift Guide for Rowers

Leave the heavy gifting to us. This time of year, your inbox will fill with deals for rigger jiggers, dry sacks and other wonderful gift ideas for rowers. We decided to offer a beyond-wonderful (and, we hope, inspiring) gift guide for your rowing loved ones.

Mothers Who Row

  When Joan Rivington’s only son Liam Corrigan was about 12 years old, she signed them both up for a learn-to-row program in Old Lyme, Connecticut, which has a strong rowing club. Joan, an oncology pharmacist and avid fitness fan, thought it would be fun for them to try a...