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For rowers who love to travel.
Rowing The World
We are rowers who are also passionate about travel.
There is a whole world of rowing to explore.

Providing Exceptional Experiences for Rowers Who Love to Travel

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Rowing The World™ & The Rowing Concierge™

Rowing The World™ is the premier rowing travel company. Select from a choice of destinations worldwide and types of trips to enjoy the best of rowing with the best of travel. Connect with international rowers. Allow us to create a private and customized trip for your club or alumni. Or use The Rowing Concierge™ to row when you are travelling, whether for business or leisure.

The Rowing Travel Hub

The Rowing Travel Hub is THE place to find a rowing travel experience that best suits you, your interests and your budget. Rowing The World™ has partnered with clubs and rowing businesses worldwide to offer you rowing trips from selected companies and organizations offering quality rowing travel, in addition to our own trips. It’s a world of choice.

Building Rowing Tourism

Rowing The World™ encourages the growth of worldwide rowing travel through partnerships and offers a suite of services for developing, selling and running your world-class rowing experience. Allow us to assist your rowing club, federation or business to create rowing tourism offers that raise funds to support the development of rowing locally. Businesses and local tourism partners also benefit.

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Rowing The World - Ruth Marr

Ruth Marr featured on Row Source

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Rowing The World - Ruth Marr
Ruth Marr
Founder & President
Rowing The World - Anastasia Morozova
Anastasia Morozova
Travel Programs Manager and Administrative Assistant
Andrea Katz & Allison Gervais - Fit Communications
Andrea Katz & Allison Gervais
Social Media Team Members
Christine Levac-The Web Gecko
Christine Levac
Web Design & Development
Cathy Senecal - Senecal Travel Marketing & PR
Cathy Senecal
Content Strategist
Rowing The World - Catriona Cameron
Catriona Cameron
Guide, Italy, Lago Maggiore
Rowing The World - Luigi Manzo
Luigi Manzo
Guide, Italy, Lago Maggiore
Rowing The World - Tim & Wendy Hutton
Wendy & Tim Hutton
Guides, South Africa, Eastern Cape
Rowing The World - Harold Aune
Harold Aune
Oar Board Guide, Belize
Rowing The World - Geordie Kohler
Geordie Kohler
Guide, South Africa, Western Cape
Rowing The World - Gillian Dean
Gillian Dean
Guide, River Thames
Rowing The World - Dave Marrs
Dave Marrs
Guide, South Africa, Western Cape
Rowing The World - Vivien Jackson
Vivien Jackson
Guide, England
Rowing The World - Gavin Kirk
Gavin Kirk
Guide, South Africa
Rowing The World - Diana Lesiur
Diana Lesieur
Oar Board Guide, Belize
Rowing The World - Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts
Guide, Ireland
Rowing The World - Michele Gandola
Michele Gandola
Guide, Italy
Rowing The World - Anna-Marie Smith
Anna-Marie Smith
Guide, South Africa
Rowing The World - Hans-Jürgen Koch
Hans-Jürgen Koch
Guide, Germany & Ireland
Rowing The World - Nancy Russell
Nancy Russell
Guide, PEI, Canada
Rowing The World - Jennifer Cunningham
Jen Cunningham
Guide, Galway & Lough Corrib
Julien Bahain
Julien Bahain