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Mind Your FAQs

Questioning is the ability to organize our thinking around what we don’t know. FAQs, or frequently asked questions, exist on many websites because they address the questions most frequently asked by clients. Questions indicate interest and thoughtfulness, required traits for...

Living for the Weekend

SPECIAL OFFER! Our Five for Five special offer applies to all weekend – bring four of your rowing friends to enjoy 5% off! Do a little crew or club bonding with rowing travel. This is a reminder, right now, for those of you who are working too hard, that you need to change...

Gift Guide for Rowers

Leave the heavy gifting to us. This time of year, your inbox will fill with deals for rigger jiggers, dry sacks and other wonderful gift ideas for rowers. We decided to offer a beyond-wonderful (and, we hope, inspiring) gift guide for your rowing loved ones.

Row Your Colour

Always ready to help you choose the best place for you to row with us on one of our Rowing The World trips, we offer you this clear and clearly scientific, easy-to-use chart. Simply pick your favourite colour and–voila!–your rowing destination is revealed.

Introducing Trip of the Month

We are delighted to announce our first Trip of the Month.  We love the destinations where we run our rowing trips.  They are beautiful landscapes and water, but also have rich history and culture beyond rowing. There is so much to learn and enjoy. For the month that one of our...