connecting rowers who love to travel

Guest Rowing

The idea of rowing when you travel is wonderful – a chance to enjoy our sport when you are on the road for business, temporarily based somewhere, or perhaps on vacation with non-rowers.  As one rower said it “adds a meaningful dimension” to experience rowing somewhere other than...

Rowing Travel as Club Development

I was fortunate to be at the Rowing Canada Aviron Conference 2016, and part of a panel titled “Rowing for All – The Growth of Touring and Coastal Rowing in Canada and Abroad. How to Expand and Diversify your Programming “.  Rowing travel is a way to increase and...
Preparing new boat for Seeclub Kuesnacht

Emergency Boat Baptism

One of the pleasures of travelling and rowing is to learn of customs and traditions that are unique to different countries.  One wonderful Swiss tradition is the naming and baptism of a new boat before it can be rowed. Just before Christmas I was privileged to participate in an...

Zwartkops Rowing Club

I had the pleasure of a row while on holiday recently in South Africa.  Here are some images from Redhouse, Eastern Cape.  A learn to row session was in progress.  Thank you Rosemary!