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When you can’t travel & row – Saint-Petersburg

We assembled a small package full of information, for when you cannot travel (and row).
Coffee for Rowers

How to order coffee while rowing in places around the world

We are not experts on whether coffee for rowers makes them go faster or just go. What we have learned over the years, is where to find great coffee around the world, and more importantly, how to order it. Whether you sip a latte before a row on the Thames, or rev up your morning...

6 Reasons to Visit Germany’s Mosel Valley

First cultivated by the Romans, the Mosel Valley, with its tranquil namesake river, has long been considered one of the most romantic settings in Europe. At more than 500 kilometres and one of the Rhine’s longest tributaries, the Mosel River flows through France, Luxembourg and...

Rowers We Know But Not Why You Think

While you may or may not have reached your pinnacle of fame yet, the renowned people noted here have. They were all once avid oarsmen too. You may be surprised. For example, Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the US, rowed at Harvard, and Neil Armstrong (pictured above)...