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When you can’t travel & row – Saint-Petersburg

We assembled a small package full of information, for when you cannot travel (and row).

How to Choose the Right Type of Rowing Trip for You

Tourism boards crunch all sorts of numbers and big data in attempts to figure out why travellers choose certain types of trips. Destination is very important, but there are other factors. Some travellers want ease in every way including unpacking their suitcases only once and...

Busted! 3 Rowing Travel Myths Uncovered

Myth #1: If you race, you will detest Rowing The World trips This is the myth we’d most like to bust. Most importantly, we know this is just not true. Truly. Why? Because we have had so many fit guests who join us and they have rowed iconic races, such as Head of the Charles,...

How Rowing Trips Get Created – Part 1 – St. Petersburg Private Trip

As a tour operator, we are keen at Rowing The WorldTM to create trips that rowers want to buy. It is a tremendous amount of work, and sometimes a big investment of money, to develop a trip to the standard of quality that we want. This is why we often run test trips. Typically by...