Sweden: Stockholm & its Archipelago


Sweden: Stockholm & its Archipelago

Duration :   9 Days 8 Nights
Max People :    19
Start Location:   Lidingö, Sweden

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When you think about Sweden what comes to mind? A history of Vikings exploring, rowing, conquering?  A land of lakes, forests, rocks and kilometers of coastline? Ikea and sophisticated design? A smorgasbord featuring meatballs and lingonberries? Charming colourful cities vibrant with coffee culture, remarkable museums, sprawling palaces and excellent public transportation? Long, lazy summer days?

We believe that you will find all these elements when you join us on our inaugural trip to Scandinavia and Sweden. We will combine urban and rural, rowing in both Stockholm and its summer playground, the vast network of islands stretching into the Baltic Sea. This will be a more challenging trip, with some long days and no support boat. We will row coastal sculling boats and at least one outrigger sweep four. Accommodation will range from a sophisticated city hotel to a more rustic hostel or cabins on one of the islands. This truly will be a voyage of exploration and discovery, and we hope that you are as excited as we are!

Sophisticated city, island playground

Palaces, cathedrals, museums, brightly coloured building surrounding dense squares. Restaurants and coffee houses, shops and kilometers of walking and biking paths. Stockholm is built on islands, each with its distinctive character. Come a few days earlier to explore the most famous quarters like Gamla Stan, the historic centre and home to the royal palace. Our main rowing partner is on Lidingö on the eastern side of the city. We have plans to row from Hammersbey to see the city from the water. The focus of our time and rowing with be the charming Archipelago. It is vast with tens of thousands of islands. We will see only a few with their rocky shores, small beaches, covered in trees and dotted with small settlements and many country homes, often in bright colours.

Our most sustainable tour yet

Rowing trips and other active travel tend to rank better on sustainability metrics than other forms of travel. In late 2021 Rowing The World declared a climate emergency and signed the Glasgow Declaration. We agreed to measure our carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it.  This trip is the first where we will not use cars or vans (one possible exception for luggage). We will walk or use public transportation to get to the rowing venues and to restaurants and any sightseeing. There will not be a support boat on the water with us. Our accommodations are locally owned hotels or those noted for their early adoption of sustainability practices. Our luggage will be moved by public ferries (to be confirmed). Important to know is that for two nights we will slim our luggage down to only one dry bag each, carried in the hatches of the rowing shells. This will be our lowest carbon tour yet. Even more reasons to feel good about rowing in Sweden.

Trip Details

Price Per PersonUSDCADEUR
Single Supplement$665$884€632
Semi-guided Non Rower$TBD$TBD€TBD

There may be options for non-rowers to join the group, with the requirement to manage ferry travel to the various tour destinations. If you are interested, please be in touch.

Daily DistancesBoatsGroup Size
15-30+ km per dayCoastal coxed quads , coastal doubles and one or more coxed four outrigger.Minimum 9, maximum 19 rowers


  • Eight nights accommodation, ranging from sophisticated city hotel to charming rural inn
  • All breakfasts, six lunches and six dinners (beverages and alcohol not included, with the exception of the welcome drink)
  • Seven days of rowing
  • Guide services and tour support including using local public transportation. Trip Leader is Ruth Marr.  Guided by Anna Rosengren and Madeleine Sjöborg.
  • Cultural visits and alternative activities for poor weather days

Note that weather and water conditions may mean deviations from the itinerary described below.

Schedule Details

Day 1

Travel to Lidingö in Stockholm and settle in to our first hotel for two nights. It is easy to use pubic transportation to arrive at this hotel from downtown Stockholm or from the airport. Scandic hotels were in the forefront of sustainability practices for decades. Meet the group and our local guides for a trip briefing and welcome dinner.

Day 2

A walk or bus ride to the rowing club where the boats are waiting for us. Our row today will be out and back from the boathouse. First down the long arm of the inlet before we enter the main channel, frequented by many ferries. At a minimum we will row to the island of Fjäderholmarna. If weather and water conditions permit, we will row further into the Djurgårdsbrunnsviken, a narrow canal separating the beautiful island of Djurgården from the mainland. The island has been owned by the Swedish monarchy since medieval times and remains a popular park. On the other bank are multiple museums and a rowing club, where we can stretch our legs and have lunch. Back to Lidingö and a well earned dinner.

Day 3

Off we go on our exploration of the Archipelago. Leaving the club we pass down the same arm, but once we are at the channel we will turn north. Our destination is Vaxholm both the island and the community. This is the Archipelago’s biggest centre, often visited by day trippers from Stockholm who arrive by ferry. We will land at the local rowing club. From the club we will walk into town where we will find the charming café we have booked for lunch and our hotel. Across from the hotel is the imposing Vaxholm Fortress, accessible with a short ferry ride. Originally constructed in the 16th century, it has been demolished and rebuilt, the current fortress dating from the 19th century. Dinner tonight is on your own.

Day 4

We row east further into the Archipelago. The big bags will be left in storage at the hotel. For two nights, pack one dry bag that we will load into the hatches of the touring boats.  Our destination is Grinda. It will take us a while to row there, but  this is still considered to be an inner island, also called the heart of the Archipelago. Covered in forests it epitomizes the vibe of this summer playground, especially with some lovely swimming beaches. Our charming accommodation for two nights is part of an accommodation complex of hotel (where we will be), cabins, hostel and campground. Of course there is an excellent restaurant for our meals. Plus a sauna. The island has a bakery, walking trails and kayak rentals to fill the afternoon.

Day 5

This is our chance to go further afield and explore some of the islands stretching out towards the Baltic Sea. Our mid-point is Svartsö, one of the larger islands of the archipelago. The weather and water conditions and other factors will determine our exact routing. There are so many possible ways to wind around the small islands east of Grinda.  Svartsö offers different options too. Should we have a picnic lunch at a wilder part of the island, or join other vacationers at a lovely waterside café?

Day 6

We begin heading back, pausing overnight again in Vaxholm. Of course there are many alternate routes to take, island to wind around, beautiful scenery and rowing to enjoy.

Day 7

Today we row the boats home to Lidingö. The last stretch down the long arm feels comfortingly familiar. After putting the boats away, we will head on public transportation to another part of Stockholm, closer to the centre. We have selected another Scandic hotel, noted for sustainability practices. Dinner on your own tonight – there are lots of wonderful choices.

Day 8

We are hoping to have a final row from Hammerbey rowing club. Perhaps a rowing tour of Stockholm awaits us. If this is not possible, not to worry! Our local hosts have planned a full day to showcase their beautiful city.  Lunch on your own today. Then it is time for the final farewell dinner.

Day 9

Sad farewells as the group disperses, perhaps to leave Sweden or perhaps to stay on and explore this delightful country a little longer.


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What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • Coastal Rowing Shells
  • Guide Services
  • Meals
  • Sightseeing
  • Transportation


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