Sweden: Stockholm & its Archipelago


Sweden: Stockholm & its Archipelago

Start Location:   Sweden

When you think about Sweden what comes to mind? A history of Vikings exploring, rowing, conquering? A land of lakes, forests and kilometers of coastline? Ikea and sophisticated design? A smorgasbord featuring meatballs and lingonberries? Charming colorful cities vibrant with coffee culture, remarkable museums, sprawling palaces and excellent public transportation? Long, lazy summary days?

We believe that you will find all these elements when you join us on our inaugural trip to Scandinavia and Sweden. We will combine urban and rural rowing in both Stockholm and its summer playground, the vast network of islands stretching into the Baltic Sea. This will be a more challenging trip, with longer daily distances, often 30 km or more. We will row coastal sculling boats and at least one outrigger sweep four. Accommodation will range from a sophisticated city hotel to a more rustic hostel or cabins on one of the islands. This truly will be a voyage of exploration and discovery, and we hope that you are as excited as we are!


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