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Whether you call our adventures a Rowing Vacation, Rowing Holiday, Rowing Travel, Rowing Trip or Rowing Tour, we provide exceptional experiences for rowers who love to travel. Rowing The World selects the planet’s finest rowing destinations in Europe, Canada and around the world. We design small-group trips of three to 10 days for experienced rowers. Trips beautifully blend river, lake or coastal rowing with genuine cultural travel experiences. Enjoy brilliant insider access, remarkable lodgings, amazing local food and wine. Come with your club or meet international scullers along with friendly local hosts and experienced guides. We take care of the travel details, you focus on the rowing.

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We connect rowers who love to travel. Rowers are passionate about their sport – we are rowers who are also passionate about travel. Rowing is a sport that is about place – where you row and the experience of rowing matters. Travel is about places and experiences. Rowing and travel make a natural pair, a good double.

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At Rowing The World TM, we have a philosophy of partnership and collaboration. We are proud of our amazing team, especially our rowing guides, many of whom are local rowers.  Meet our team!

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The Rowing Travel Blog explores a range of topics that we hope will inspire, educate and maybe entertain you. It is both a travel blog and a rowing blog. Let’s explore this wonderful world, one rowing stroke at a time.

I am a rower, a traveller, a business owner. I am also intrigued with the environment, culture and current issues. We live in an age when algorithms filter our preferences and give us more of the same. We also live in a world of great information and possibilities. It is not a contradiction to be focussed and a specialist or at other times be eclectic and a generalist. Join me on this journey as I explore ideas, share information and invoke inspiration.