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self-guided rowing

Rowing the Red River in Winnipeg, MB Canada.
Photo courtesy Janine Stephens

Welcome to our fresh, new rowing travel concept. We love our longer, guided rowing tours which take small groups to stunning destinations around the world. That will continue to be the mainstay of Rowing The World. But we are thrilled to offer some new options and choices to combine our passion for rowing with the joy of exploration and travel. Introducing Independent Rowing Experiences and Hybrid Explorers. Think of it like self-guided rowing trips. 

Independent Rowing Experiences are short getaways tailored to suit you. We provide a rowing package which is flexible and adaptable to your preferences, and of course has you rowing in a delightful destination. For some experiences you will row each day from the same boathouse. On others you will explore a different club and water each day. Most rows are guided, but some offer a self-guided option. A terrific variation on guest rowing.

A second way to return to rowing and travel safely is with our new style of rowing travel that we are calling “hybrid explorer”. Hybrid, because like most of our tours, it is a small group trip on a set date or dates but, like our Independent Rowing Experiences, you are in charge of your own accommodation, meals and transportation. Explorer, because we facilitate your discovery of a new and wonderful rowing destination.

self-guided rowing

Tailored to you

Unlike typical guest rowing, our Independent Rowing Tours do not require you to fit into a scheduled workout. Our partner clubs will take you on one, two or three individually curated rows. Choose when you want to travel and with whom you travel. In some destinations we offer the opportunity for expert coaching or the chance to try coastal rowing. Tell us when you want to row and we will organize that for you. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not offering accommodation options so that you can be in control of your travel.

We provide a detailed information package with many recommendations on where to stay, dining and food recommendations plus ideas for activities to enjoy when you are not on the water. And of course, complete details on the rowing experience. Meet the club representative the evening before for a drink and a briefing. And we have a special gift for you.

Quebec rowing tour

Photo courtesy Club Aviron Lachine

Travel to row carefully

We know that you are keen to get on the water and would love to travel. But you want to do so carefully and safely. Covid-19 has placed restrictions on all of us and most regattas and rowing events are cancelled. We offer a way to take a break and treat yourself to a rowing getaway. If appropriate, maybe one or two of your crew mates can join you, or travel with your non-rowing partner.

We make it easy: dream, book, go. We have established clear health and safety protocols with our partner clubs, based on information from the national rowing federation, national, provincial/state and local health authorities in each of our destinations. Our Terms & Conditions have been adapted to give you greater flexibility – we know that times remain uncertain, whether you are planning to go next week or next month. You can be confident in these independent and self-guided rowing experiences.

Watch for these destinations!

  • Greece – Thessaloniki – coastal rowing with an expert
  • Italy -Luino– Rowing on Lago Maggiore, Lago di Lugano and Lago di Varese
  • Canada – BC’s Saanich Peninsula
  • Australia – Clarence River Explorer – in development
  • Canada – Lac Brome in the Eastern Townships of La Belle Province – in development


.Private rowing trips

We also welcome requests for private and custom trips, modelled on our usual group and guided trips. We believe that joining one of our small group trips is a wonderful way to meet rowers from other clubs and countries. But we also know that it can be very special for you and your rowing club mates to enjoy a private tour, just for you. We listen to your needs to create a private journey, whether a unique date for one of our existing tours, or a completely customized trip to a new destination. Picture your crew rowing a historic river, trying coastal in a gorgeous setting or guest rowing with a different club each day. We’ll make it happen, whatever and wherever your it is. You might a a destination in mind, but please have a look at our list of past and future trips and contact us to discuss. We would love to talk to you about your rowing travel dreams!


  1. Why wouldn’t I just do this on my own? We make it much easier, and you will know exactly what you are signing up for and that it matches your interests and rowing experience. Our partner clubs are usually smaller clubs in smaller centres or a bit more off the beaten track. They typically do not offer guest rowing. They have been selected due to their lovely location and the quality of the rowing experience. You will receive a warm and safe welcome.
  2. Why is this more expensive than most guest row fees? These are customized and curated experiences and of high quality. A good portion of your money flows to the club – they earn much more than a guest row fee. We are very happy to support rowing and rowing clubs.
  3. What type of boats are available? That depends on each club, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. In July through September 2020, it is likely that only single sculls will be available, although some destinations allow bigger boats. The web page for each destination will provide details and updates about the type of boats available.