Custom or Club Trip Planning

Custom or Club Trip Planning

Rowing The World is pleased to offer private trips to small groups. We usually have a minimum requirement of ten rowers. Groups can select from destinations which we are currently offering, or have in the past. There may be the opportunity for us to create a brand new trip based on your preferences. That level of customization will be more expensive and require even more lead time than an existing itinerary.

Below are some initial questions to start the discussion with your club or group. Note that several of these factors can affect or limit destination choices.  Extensive customization or going to a new destination not presently offered by Rowing The World will trigger different deposit requirements than one of our standard trips.

Topics to Consider

  • Timing:
    • Preferred and acceptable
    • Linkage to any event?
  • Duration:
    • How many days in total?
    • How many days of rowing?
    • On longer trips, would you like a rest day built in?
  • Destination:
    • One of our existing trips?
    • Partially customized?
    • New destination or full customized trip?
  • Number of guests possible (note that there may be minimum requirements as well as limits to the maximum number of rowers)
  • Type of rowing preferred:
    • sweep; sculling; mixture; coastal
    • initial thoughts on daily distances or amount of time per day dedicated to rowing
  • Preferred level or type of accommodation
  • Level of interest in non-rowing activities and initial thoughts on preferences
  • Potential for non-rowing companions to join group?
  • Do you have a budget in mind? Please look at the prices of the trips on our website to get an idea of range of prices.

Next Steps

Once you have some (or all) of the above answered, please email us with that information. We can continue discussions electronically, but it might be timely at that point to schedule a phone call, either with the group leader or a larger group. We are happy to do so.

Processes for a Customized Trip

If the decision is to undertake a customized trip, for example to a new destination or significant changes to an existing trip, the following steps are needed.

Step 1

In order to begin developing an initial proposal or trip outline, we require a deposit of CDN$1000 or US$1000.  This is non-refundable, but assuming that all goes forward, would be applied to the trip payment. Can be paid by any member of the group and subsequently applied towards his or her tour balance. Just select the primary desired start date in the calendar above and pay the Step 1 deposit. Alternative timeframes can be discussed via email.

Step 2

After some initial research and work, we will send you a very high level outline or concept for the trip. It will be a trip that we know can be delivered.  Obviously we would work together to refine it and we are willing to explore a few alternatives, again at a fairly conceptual level. 

Step 3

After we agree on a tour concept, then we will need a second (non-refundable) deposit of CDN$1000 or US$1000. Perhaps it could come from a second person, and again be considered a deposit toward his or her trip.  We would also like a list of (likely) participants and room assignments and preferences.  For example, who might like to share a twin, who would like a single with a single supplement, etc.  It may seem early in the process for this, but sometimes availability of space can be an important factor, and knowing as much as possible the likely room requirements is very helpful.  Also, we have found that it helps to have people thinking in very concrete terms about their participation.  We can always adjust later.  We will then work out the detailed itinerary with dates, a price and accommodation selection.  We will work together on fine tuning this.

Step 4

Once we have an agreed upon itinerary, date and price, then all remaining guests will need to register and pay the deposit.  And away we go!