About Rowing The World

About Us

We connect rowers who love to travel. Rowers are passionate about their sport – we are rowers who are also passionate about travel. Rowing is a sport that is about place - where you row and the experience of rowing matters. Travel is about place and experiences. Rowing and travel make a natural pair, a good double.

Whether you are a recreational sculler or a competitive “rowing for life” athlete, whether you live in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand or anywhere else in the world, Rowing The World™ and The Rowing Concierge™ can offer you suitable and delightful rowing travel experiences, in your own country or continent or across the globe.

About the experience

What is it like to take a trip with Rowing The WorldTM? Each destination is unique, but all of our trips that we run have a similar high standard of quality. Most importantly, the rowing experiences are varied and exceptional. Some trips involve point-to-point rowing down a river or around a lake, changing accommodation as we go. On other trips, we base ourselves in several beautiful places and enjoy rows out of different clubs. There is lots of choice in accommodation, and there will be time for walks, bicycle rides, museum and other visits, and cultural experiences such as traditional music in a pub, a cooking class or wine tasting. We enjoy some of these activities with local rowers - more than one glass has been raised in rowing fellowship.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if you combined pictures and photos with a few words? A visual travel journal communicates the fun and adventure of a Rowing The WorldTM trip through the eyes of graphic journalist Deborah LeFrank who was a guest on the Italian & Swiss Lakes Il Primo trip. Take a tour.

About our Partnerships

Rowing The World™ and The Rowing Concierge™ deliver trips and experiences in partnership with many rowing organizations.  Our own trips are created and operated in conjunction with local rowing clubs, which have opened their boathouses to rowers from around the world.  Clubs benefit from the boat or seat rental fees or temporary membership paid by Rowing The World™. While Ruth Marr, the founder and President, is often the Trip Leader, we hire local rowers to guide the trips, who can offer insights into their country, culture and rowing traditions. We are also privileged to partner with other rowing companies and clubs around the world, bringing their trips into our Rowing Travel HubTM as well as offering services to help build rowing travel tourism.

Why travel to row?

The passion that rowers share comes from the years invested in learning balance, catch, release, and power. Perhaps it comes from the reward of a shell moving lightly and smoothly through the water, with the sound of the run (the boat “singing”) and perfect pools from the blades swirling away. Solo or in time with the crew, rowing demands fitness and finesse. Maybe it is the perverseness of succeeding at something backward. But it is especially the beauty of being on the water in the early morning, under the midday sun or into the evening twilight. It is seeing frost on the dock in the morning, feeling the heat and sweat of a summer workout, observing seasonal changes in the leaves or appreciating the familiar constancy of the vegetation on the shore. It is about sensing the beat of the city, the calmness of a lake or the flow of a river.

We love our home waters. But there is a whole world of rowing to explore. Leave your familiar waters, launch from a new dock, experience a different boat and meet other rowers. One of the best ways to understand other countries and cultures is to spend time with local people who share the same passion. Perhaps you will get inspiration about new equipment for your club or insights on different techniques.  Travel to row now!