Masters Rowers are our Guests

Virtually all the guests on our Rowing The World trips fit the definition of a masters rower. Most qualify to race in masters rowing categories D and higher, so age 50 and up. It makes sense. This demographic tends to have the disposable income and the time to travel and enjoy their favourite sport in beautiful destinations. Data from British Rowing shows that rowers in their 50s and 60s are the largest cohort of masters rowers.

It is reassuring to travel with people who not only love to row but who understand you. Ruth Marr, the company’s founder and President is a masters rower, and we do not hire guides who would qualify to row U23.

masters rowers

Trips suited to masters

Check out our list of rowing trips. All suited to masters. Our guests tell it best. We don’t put ages on our Testimonials, but everyone of them is a masters rower. Have questions? We are happy to answer them or put you in touch with a past customer.

masters rowers

More resources

Have you seen our post on the NK Sports Blog of Top 10 Resources for Masters Rowers? We love sharing information and ideas. Please have a look at The Thoughtful Rower as well as the Rowing The World blogsite for more inspiration and resources.