Fodor’s travel guides describe the Mosel as “one of the most hauntingly beautiful river valleys on Earth”. The river winds and loops through a gorgeous landscape of hills clad green with forests and vineyards. Delightfully pretty towns dot the banks and castles reach for the sky. The Mosel offers all the elements needed for the best kind of rowing tour. There is a beautiful river. We have a clear destination – row to the Rhine. The boats are only trailered once – to the upstream start and then we row them home. Daily distances mean that you get lots of catch, drive, release, recovery.  The current helps us along and natural rests are built in when we go through the locks. There are typically one or two a day. It is such a good river for rowing that clubs are found at regular intervals. At some clubs we store our boats overnight, while at other clubs we stop to meet local rowers over lunch or dinner.  This is what rowing travel in Europe is all about.