Ireland rowing tour in County Cork is a lovely sampler of some of the best that Ireland has to offer. We begin with a visit to Cork City and a row on the River Lee. Skibbereen, on the River Ilen, is the home of the famous and funny O’Donovan brothers, who won the first Olympic rowing medal for Ireland at Rio 2016. They entertained the world by describing their race strategy as “eat steak and spuds and pull like a dog”.  We will have a more leisurely approach, taking time to enjoy the magnificent scenery we will pass on our rows out of Baltimore, exploring the sheltered harbour, islands and coastline.  We might eat some steak and spuds, but the seafood is magnificent. Enjoy a new and different taste of Ireland.

In addition to the rich history of the towns and villages in this part of Co. Cork, a big attraction is the sheer beauty of the scenery. Cliffs plunge to the sea, islands dot harbours and follow the coast while in between little beaches entice you to stroll. Look-outs and headlands offer views inland over green rolling hills laced with trees, stone fences and winding lanes. Seaward are the great shipping channels and yacht racing courses of the untamed Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can stay on shore and explore the Wild Atlantic Way. We use the shelter of the rivers, islands and lakes to get a wonderful taste of easy river and coastal rowing in spectacular scenery.