How much can you pack into one weekend? A lot if you are travel to the western reaches of Ireland and the counties Galway and Mayo. In just three days we move between city and country. First we enjoy time in charming and colourful Galway, where the pubs pulse with traditional music and friends sharing a pint of Guinness or a local ale. Then on to the wild and rugged countryside of Connemara. This is some of the most famous and stunningly beautiful scenery in this country of spectacular sights. Big rounded mountains fold into valleys winding to nowhere, lakes and bogs fill the creases in green hills, and everywhere stone walls enclose sheep dotted with colourful splotches. Even the rowing is a study in contrasts. We begin with a spin on the shortest river in Europe. The setting is urban. The next two rows are on The Republic of Ireland’s biggest lake. The feel is much more remote.

We partner with two rowing clubs in Galway: Grainne Mhaol Rowing Club and Tribesmen Rowing Club. As you spend time with rowers from these clubs, you will begin to understand more and more about the local depth of connections to tradition, folklore, history and culture in this beautiful part of Ireland.