March 2024 - October 2024
Luino, Lago Maggiore, Italia! Spoken in Italian it sounds wonderful. It is even better when you experience it. Enjoy the best of the Italian lifestyle as you practice your favourite sport. Row past palm trees or with a view of snow-capped mountains, working hard or enjoying a leisurely outing. Three separate morning outings are included, leaving the afternoons for you to enjoy.
April 2024 - December 2024
Thessaloniki, the second city after Athens, exudes flair, character and dynamism from the diversity of ethnic groups that have touched this region. It also reputed to be Greece’s culinary and cultural capital. Create your own tour. Decide when you want to travel and with whom you travel. Choose the accommodation, transportation and meals of your own choice.
North America
June 2024 - September 2024
The Maritime Provinces are among the loveliest in Canada. Famous for lobster suppers, potato fields to the sea and Anne of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island, affectionately known as PEI, is Canada’s smallest province. It offers a concentrated dose of delightful scenery, friendly people, wonderful food and lots of ways to have fun outdoors. Now we can add a morning of rowing followed by lunch to the list of vacation choices.
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