Portugal Rowing: Viana do Castelo


Portugal Rowing: Viana do Castelo

Start Location:   Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Available from: April 2024 – November 2024

Portugal Rowing: Viana do Castelo

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Portugal: Viana do Castelo is a self-directed or independent Rowing Experiences (RE) offered by our sister business Travel2Row.  An RE is a short, tailored rowing vacation, as short as a morning, as long as three or more days, depending on the destination. Choose your own travel date. Choose who you row with or find others who want to row with you. We supply amazing rowing; you decide the rest, giving you maximum flexibility and choice. Create your personalized rowing trip now.


What is an Independent Rowing Experience?

Independent Rowing Experiences are short getaways tailored to the guest. Together with our partners, we provide a private rowing package for small groups (typically two, three or four rowers) with flexible date options based the availability of boats and guide or coach. Guests find their own accommodation, transportation, meals and other activities.

Are these self-guided trips?

We are not calling them self-guided because when you are on the water you will definitely have a local guide with you in the rowing shell or on a support boat. Self-guided trips usually include accommodation and meals and perhaps other services. We offer amazing rowing and leave the rest to you to create your own perfect trip. With lots of suggestions from our own experience in a location, plus the local wisdom of our rowing partners.

Are there more places to enjoy Independent Rowing Experiences?

Have a look at our current destinations. We are working on expanding the fabulous locations where you can travel to row. It takes time because Ruth checks every location and researches accommodation options and restaurant recommendations, as well as suggestions to round out your stay when you are not rowing. Sign up for our newsletter to get announcements of new destinations and other updates. If you are a rowing club or rowing destination, find out how we might partner.

What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • Guide Services
  • Rowing Shell Rental


  • Centre-based
  • Coastal & flatwater