Turkey Rowing: Istanbul

travel2row - Istanbul rowing

May 2023 – November 2023 – Straddling Europe and Asia, modern Turkey is built on a complex history that continues today. Constantinople, now Istanbul, is the epicentre of that history. It is a modern, massive city with a remarkable setting. History, culture and tradition are everywhere, present in its buildings, walls, even the cobblestones. Graced by some of friendliest and hospitable people in the world, this is a destination for food, music, museums, shopping and just living life to its fullest. Enjoy this mini-package vacation, with, of course, spectacular rowing.

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Italy: Lago Maggiore

June 12-18, 2024 – Immerse yourself into the Italian way of life, savoring great food and wine, and LOTS of rowing in a bucket-list destination. The charming villages on Lago Maggiore will be our home base for this week-long adventure.

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Canada: Charlottetown PEI Rowing

PEI rowing

June 2024 – September 2024. The Maritime Provinces are among the loveliest in Canada. Famous for lobster suppers, potato fields to the sea and Anne of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island, affectionately known as PEI, is Canada’s smallest province. It offers a concentrated dose of delightful scenery, friendly people, wonderful food and lots of ways to have fun outdoors. Now we can add a morning of rowing followed by lunch to the list of vacation choices.

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