2024 Trips

This is our initial and still tentative listing of our 2024 rowing trips. Some will be ready for booking soon. Others will be available a bit later. For some destinations, we know the general timing but do not have details yet. In a few cases a destination is listed, but we are not sure whether the tour will be possible or not. Watch for updates in our newsletters and social media. Let us know if there is somewhere where you would love to travel & row that is not on our list by completing a quick survey.

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Canada: British Columbia Wilderness – July 15 – 20 2024

A unique coastal rowing trip on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island. Much of our daily rowing takes place in an urban or semi-urban setting, not far from the dock and where we parked our bicycle or car. This rowing adventure takes us into the wilderness, albeit with the comfort of a roof over our heads at night. It takes some effort to get here, but you will be richly rewarded. From our water-access only lodge we will explore the waters of Barclay Sound. Bring binoculars for wildlife viewing!



Croatia: Split & and the Dalmatian Coast – October 19-25, 2024

We will be rowing stunning coastlines, exploring Split and Sibinek plus beautiful Hvar Island. In an interview, the Sinkovic brothers were described as “large, likeable, and really good at rowing.” They also seem to be very happy and adventurous. Perhaps those same attributes could be applied to a description of the country and what a Croatia rowing trip will be like. There is a reason that Croatia appears at the top of “where to go next” travel lists.



Greece: Ionian Sea – Resort Rowing – Women Only – May 19-26, 2024

Our very popular Women Only tour series continues with a visit to a beautiful part of northern Greece. We will be based in Paleros, a village described as a Greek Island on the mainland. While we unpack and stay in just one resort hotel, we will row point-to-point along the coast, exploring islands and beaches that make this coastline so famous. There will be time to relax at the resort which is a custom built sport hotel, stroll the village, shop for gifts and also lots of time to swim and enjoy the resort amenities.


Greece: Northern Beach Paradise – 26 August to 01 September 2024

This trip showcases a spectacular part of a beautiful country, rich in history and culture. We begin in Thessaloniki, the second city after Athens. It exudes flair, character and dynamism from the diversity of ethnic groups that have touched this region. It also reputed to be Greece’s culinary and cultural capital. More rowing awaits on the gorgeous blue waters of the Aegean Sea. We will explore the eastern side of Sithonia, the middle finger of the Halkidiki Peninsula. Rugged and hilly in the interior, the coastline is stunning, lined with idyllic beach after idyllic beach. Have we mentioned the food as well as spectacular coastal rowing?



Japan Discovery Tour – November 2024

Offering a unique window into the landscape, waters, history and culture of Japan, this test trip will be a unique and exclusive opportunity to experience rowing and culture in an exotic destination. We will row on the Seto Sea, on Lake Biwa and Yokohama. In between we will enjoy many guided cultural experiences, including a visit to Hiroshima.



Ireland: West Cork Rowing – June 02-08, 2024

We love Ireland, and are thrilled to offer an Ireland rowing tour in County Cork. It is a lovely sampler of some of the best that Ireland has to offer. We begin with a visit to Cork City and a row on the River Lee. Skibbereen, on the River Ilen, is the home of the famous and funny O’Donovan brothers, who won the first Olympic rowing medal for Ireland at Rio 2016. They entertained the world by describing their race strategy as “eat steak and spuds and pull like a dog”.  We will have a more leisurely approach, taking time to enjoy the magnificent scenery we will pass on our rows out of Kinsale and Baltimore, exploring the sheltered harbour, islands and coastline.  We might eat some steak and spuds, but the seafood is magnificent. Enjoy a new and different taste of Ireland.



Italy: Vogalonga – May 18-20, 2024

A legendary rowing event and a must-do at least once. Imagine Venice without motor boats for a morning. Thousands of rowed or paddled watercraft take to the waters for a 30 km “race”, which begins with a cannon shot from St. Mark’s Square. The route takes rowers through the lagoon to Burano, down to Murano and back along the famous canals to St. Marks to receive a participation medal. Rowers come from around the world, with quads, eights, various Venetian style rowing boats, plus kayaks, canoes, SUPs and anything else that moves forward with oars or paddles. Join us for a wonderful weekend in Venice. Full package that makes planning and participation easy.


Italy: Magical Lago Maggiore – June 12-18, 2024

One of our most popular tours explores a famous and beautiful lake which is firmly rooted in Italy but also touches Switzerland where the Alps rise dramatically behind the lake. Coastal rowing shells give us the freedom to follow the shore and cross back and forth as we seek out the loveliest scenery and most enchanting sights. We will row past opulent hotels in Stresa, tiny villages perched high on hills, castles, gardens and villas. Oh and the food and wine! Let magical Lago Maggiore cast its spell on you.



Spain & Portugal – 13-19 September, 2024

This new rowing tour with combine Galicia in northern Spain with the beautiful region of northern Portugal. Fly into Santiago de Compostela and leave from Porto, both destinations meriting a few days before and after the rowing. In Galicia we will explore the islands and shore of Ria de Arousa from our base in Cambados and our parador hotel. The perfect transition between the countries is our row on the Rio Minha which forms the border – we launch from Spain and land in Portugal. Our next base in gorgeous sport hotel in Viana do Costelo. We will row on the Rio Lima and maybe take the coastal boats out on the Atlantic. Regardless of the country, the food is excellent, the wine and beer delicious and the culture, history and traditions vibrant and fascinating.



Panama: Tropical Resort Rowing – October/November 2024

This is a centre-based trip. Our resort, Seagull Cove, is near Boca Chica in Chiriqui Province, Panama. Never heard of it? That is perfect. We love introducing our rowing friends to new destinations. Even better when we explore places that are bit off the beaten track – lesser known gems. Chiriqui Province is on the Pacific coast, snuggling up to Costa Rica. It has Panama’s highest mountains, longest rivers, Panama’s second city of David and lush agricultural regions. It is beautiful. Our resort is located on the Chiriqui Gulf coast, an area known for long sandy beaches, gorgeous islands and both marine life and exotic birdlife. Late November will be just right – typically the rains are over but the land is still green and lush. We will explore the mangroves, have lunches on beaches, peek at the Pacific rollers and swap tales over sundowners as we watch the sun go down.



Turkey: Istanbul and South Aegean – May 22-30, 2024

Straddling Europe and Asia, modern Turkey is built on a complex history that continues today. Join us to explore beautiful scenery, enjoy fabulous rowing, indulge in wonderful food and accommodation and also gain insight into the past and present of this intriguing country. Blending the best of east and west, experience three different aspects of Turkey on this rowing trip. We begin and end in Istanbul, one of the world’s most fascinating cities. Next stop is Bodrum, famous for its history and as one of Turkey’s most chic resort towns. The third part of our Turkey rowing tour places us on a more remote peninsula of the south Aegean coastline, where villages retain their fishing and sponge-diving character. Row, learn and relax in a fascinating and complex destination.