Portugal Rowing: Viana do Castelo

Rowing The World: Portugal

April 2024 – November 2024 – A week in a sport hotel anywhere sounds good. A week in a sport hotel in northern Portugal with rowing sounds like a perfect vacation. Experience river and coastal rowing, enjoy other sports and cultural experience, and relax in luxury accommodation.

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Italy Weekend: Vogalonga

Rowing The World - Italy Weekend Vogalonga

May 18 – 20 2024 – In rowing travel circles, this event is legendary. How could it not be? Imagine Venice without motor boats for a morning. Thousands of rowed or paddled watercraft take to the waters for a 30 km “race”, which begins with a cannon shot from St. Mark’s Square. The route takes rowers through the lagoon to Burano, down to Murano and back along the famous canals to St. Marks to receive a participation medal. Rowers come from around the world, with quads, eights, various Venetian style rowing boats, plus kayaks, canoes, SUPs and anything else that moves forward with oars or paddles. Join us for a wonderful weekend in Venice and claim your Vogalonga story. Everyone has one.

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Ireland: West Cork Rowing

June 2 – 8, 2024 – We love Ireland, and are thrilled to offer an Ireland rowing tour in County Cork. It is a lovely sampler of some of the best that Ireland has to offer and a perfect introduction to coastal rowing.

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