Portugal Rowing: Viana do Castelo

Rowing The World: Portugal

April 2024 – November 2024 – A week in a sport hotel anywhere sounds good. A week in a sport hotel in northern Portugal with rowing sounds like a perfect vacation. Experience river and coastal rowing, enjoy other sports and cultural experience, and relax in luxury accommodation.

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Panama Resort Rowing

Panama Rowing

April 2024 – November 2024. Travel to Seagull Cove, a hidden resort near Boca Chica in Panama’s Chiriqui Province. This off-the-beaten-track destination, nestled on the Pacific coast, offers the beauty of Panama, the charm of its people and amazing coastal rowing. New coastal boats impeccably maintained, gorgeous scenery, and great options for rowing. The resort owners, passionate about water sports, have introduced rowing to this region, establishing a club with two double and two single coastal rowing shells. You can choose flat water in one direction, with islands, bays and mangrove forests to explore. Or head to more coastal conditions, including the potential to surf and pay in Pacific rollers. Oh, did we mention the valet boat service?

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Turkey Rowing: Istanbul

travel2row - Istanbul rowing

May 2023 – November 2023 – Straddling Europe and Asia, modern Turkey is built on a complex history that continues today. Constantinople, now Istanbul, is the epicentre of that history. It is a modern, massive city with a remarkable setting. History, culture and tradition are everywhere, present in its buildings, walls, even the cobblestones. Graced by some of friendliest and hospitable people in the world, this is a destination for food, music, museums, shopping and just living life to its fullest. Enjoy this mini-package vacation, with, of course, spectacular rowing.

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Greece Rowing: Thessaloniki

Rowing Thessaloniki

April 2022 – December 2022 – Luino, Lago Maggiore, Italia! Spoken in Italian, it sounds wonderful. What a truly gorgeous place. Travellers have been drawn here for centuries, attracted by the mild and sunny climate as well as the stunning scenery and, of course, superb food and wine. Lago Maggiore and nearby Lago di Lugano are absolutely perfect destinations for a short rowing holiday.

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Greece: Northern Beach Paradise

August 26-September 1, 2024 – This trip in Greece showcases a spectacular part of a beautiful country, rich in history and culture. Known especially as the birthplace of Alexander the Great, Macedonia is also where Aristotle was born.

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Spain & Portugal

September 13-19, 2024 | We just couldn’t decide. Both Spain and Portugal are amazing destinations. For our first tour on the Iberian Peninsula, which one should we choose? The solution? Both!

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Italy: Lago Maggiore

June 12-18, 2024 – Immerse yourself into the Italian way of life, savoring great food and wine, and LOTS of rowing in a bucket-list destination. The charming villages on Lago Maggiore will be our home base for this week-long adventure.

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Italy Rowing: Luino

travel2row - Luino Italy rowing

March 2024 – October 2024. Luino, Lago Maggiore, Italia! Spoken in Italian it sounds wonderful. It is even better when you experience it. Enjoy the best of the Italian lifestyle as you practice your favourite sport. Row past palm trees or with a view of snow-capped mountains, working hard or enjoying a leisurely outing. Three separate morning outings are included, leaving the afternoons for you to enjoy.

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Canada Rowing: Gulf Islands, BC

travel2row - Gulf Islands Canada rowing

January 2024 – December 2024. Embark on an unforgettable coastal rowing experience in the stunning Gulf Islands, off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia! Whether you’re visiting Victoria or Vancouver for business or leisure, or just want to learn more about coastal rowing, this half-day or full-day rowing experience promises to awaken your inner adventurer.

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